Volkswagen Passat CC, Rear seat conversion kit. This modification will change the rear seats of 2 to 3 seater.

About us

We are a company dedicated to the production of sets of "Rear Seat Conversion Kit" to luxury cars. These models are often equipped with a two-seater rear bench, which greatly reduced their functionality. From now on, we give you the unique opportunity to combine a sports coupe with the functionality of a family car.


"Seat Conversion Kit" is a product designed to be mounted in the Passat cc. Increases range of applications on your car by installing additional seating. Now you can travel without sacrificing comfort with the whole family.

Product Details:

Tint and texture of the skin are identical to the original template Passat cc. Our product is made of the highest quality, natural, orginal German leather upholstery used for the production of the VW factories.

Offered shades of upholstery: